Advanced tickets are available for Drift Atlanta and Petit Le Mans.  Tickets include paddock access and may be purchased online in advance or at the gate on race weekends.  All Will Call tickets are placed at the Will Call/Registration building which is located outside of the facility.  24 hour Will Call is available for both events.  Tickets may be charged to MasterCard, VISA, AMEX or Discover.  No refunds.  All events are held rain or shine. Click here to purchase tickets!



Parking is free for most events. These are designated areas at the main entrance for spectator parking. Infield parking is available for a fee for all events. If camping, please read our policies regarding camping.



Camping is available in the infield at most races.Camping is not permitted at Drift Atlanta. Reserved RV sites are available on a limited basis. Rates vary between events. Call for rates and reservations 770.967.6143, or 1.800.849.RACE.

  • Petit Le Mans: Reserved RV camping will be permitted in the facility starting at 8:00am Tuesday (September 30, 2014) and non-reserved RV camping and tent camping will be allowed in Wednesday at 8:00am (October 1, 2014).



At our fans request, we are providing expanded food and beverage (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) services throughout the entire facility. State of Georgia and Hall County law requires that alcohol may not be brought into our facility. A variety of food and beverages are available at our concession stands.

  Motorized Vehicle Policy

Motorized Vehicle Policy:

The 125cc rule will be enforced by security. Which simply means:

All unlicensed Motorcycles, Scooters, ATV’s, e-bikes and Off Road Vehicles under 125cc will NOT be permitted on the premises. We will provide a secured impound area if needed. This includes pocket rockets and razors.

All unlicensed Motorcycles, Scooters, ATV’s, e-bikes and Off Road Vehicles above 125cc and personal Golf Carts will be permitted to purchase an approved sticker at the security office for $50.00 per event. The appropriate waiver must be signed at the time of purchase.

All licensed vehicles must purchase proper parking sticker before entering the gate. This includes Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Vans, and Motorhomes.

Waiver Conditions:
I agree NOT to allow anyone under sixteen (16) years of age or anyone without a valid drivers’ license to operate my non-licensed motorized and or battery operated vehicle.

I understand that Road Atlanta has a “Helmet On” policy for riding Scooters, Motorcycles and ATV’s, e-bikes at all times while in the Infield.

I assume full responsibility for any risk of bodily injury, death or property damage arising out of or related to my actions while driving my non-licensed motorized and/or battery-operated vehicle on Road Atlanta property. I also assume full responsibility for any passengers I may have.

  Drone Prohibition

Drone Prohibition:

Road Atlanta, LLC strictly prohibits the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”), also known as drones, for any purpose whatsoever at the Road Atlanta facility. A UAV, means any aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Road Atlanta personnel may remove anyone using an UAV at the Road Atlanta facility and confiscate the UAV until the conclusion of the event.

  Security Notice

Security Notice:

Anyone caught driving recklessly will be removed from the property, per Management. Anyone placing themselves or others in danger will be removed from the property. Tickets and/or Hard Card Credentials will be confiscated from anyone removed from the property. All Georgia State laws will be applicable and enforced by the Georgia State Patrol and the Hall County Sheriffs Office.

We ask our Fans to report anyone not obeying the above Waiver Conditions by calling 770-967-6143. After hours, call the same and follow the prompts to connect to the Infield Security Gate.

Thank you for following the above Waiver Conditions and we sincerely hope all of you enjoy the event! Road Atlanta Management

  Canopy Courtesy Policy

Canopy Courtesy Policy

  • Spectator Hill - Canopies are NOT permitted if they block the direct view of the track from any designated hospitality area.
  • Spectator Hill - Canopies are NOT permitted to remain overnight.
  • Spectator Hill - Canopies are NOT permitted to be connected to any fencing.
  • Turn 9-10a - Canopies ARE permitted in designated areas.
  • Turn 9-10a - Canopies are NOT permitted on the top 10 rows of the Terrace Seating area.
  • Turn 9-10a - Canopies are NOT permitted to remain overnight.
  • Turn 9-10a - Canopies are NOT permitted to be connected to any fencing.

Please be respectful of your surrounding neighbors.
If a fan is watching the race, do not install a canopy in front of them.

Thank You,
Road Atlanta Management and EKG Security

  Pet Policy

Road Atlanta wants you to enjoy your visit, and asks that you please observe these rules. Since we have a large fan base that are pet owners, we will allow pets as long as the below policies are adhered to. If not, we will request your pet to be boarded immediately.

  • All pets must stay within your immediate camping area; do not walk pets along roadways.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and must dispose of their waste properly.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Please respect your neighbors.
  • Excessive barking or aggressiveness is not permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed in any restricted access areas.

Service Animals:
Are permitted, but must adhere to the same above rules.

  Road Atlanta Rules of the Infield

Road Atlanta Rules of the Infield:

Road Atlanta wants you to enjoy your visit, and asks that you please observe these rules. Observing these guidelines, and respecting the rights of those in our community will ensure everyone has a great time, and help us maintain Road Atlanta's natural beauty.

  • No Firearms or Weapons.
  • No Fireworks.
  • No Scaffolding Over 6 Feet High.
  • All Unlicensed Vehicles Must Be Registered.
  • Speed Limit For All Vehicles Is 10 MPH.
  • Place All Trash In Trash Cans or Bags.
  • Never Cut Down Trees or Cut Limbs.
  • No Off Road Riding.
  • Canopy Policy: See above for details
  • For Your Safety, No Glass Containers Allowed.
  • No Homemade Modes of Transportation
  • Pets Allowed with Restrictions: See above for details
  • Do Not Use The Fences As Stakes For Tents.
  • NO Camp Fires Permitted.
  • Grills, Cook Stoves and Above Ground Fire Pits Permitted in Camping Area Only. Above will be Removed if deemed a Safety Concern.
  • Grills and Pit Cookers CANNOT be Used to Feed Participants or Groups at Any Event; Personal Use Only.
  • Quiet Hours - Midnight to 7:00am (County Ordinance)
  • Always Leave Room For Spectators - (Between Campsite and Fences)
  • No Skateboards, Hoverboards, Roller Skates, Roller Blades, Razor Scooters or a Skating System
  • State of Georgia and Hall County law PROHIBITS alcohol from being brought onto our facility.
  • Georgia Helmet Law, section 40-6-315 requirement of approved headgear: No person shall operate or ride upon a motorcycle unless he or she is wearing protective headgear which complies with standards established by the commissioner of public safety
  • For First Aid and Security Assistance, Go To Main Gate