5 Reasons I Love ...

1)       First impressions.  When you come zipping down Hwy 53 and you turn into the main gate area, the first impression is phenomenal.  Looking up at that bridge with the track rolling down the hill to turn 12 – very, very impressive.  If you are lucky enough to drive in when there are cars on the track – even more spectacular.  First impressions are big and Road Atlanta does not disappoint.Grand Am!

2)      Accessibility.  Is there anywhere else you can get THIS close?  When you cross that bridge at the Start / Finish Line and make your way over to the paddock / pit area – YOU are right there.  You even have to look over your shoulder to make sure that a Flying Lizard Porsche isn’t going to run into you as it heads out for a final practice.  Totally sweet.  Talk to drivers and crew members as well as media personalities – everything is just THAT close.  Another reason to bring the camera.

3)      Mobility.  You don’t buy a ticket to sit in a seat.  Oh no.  You can watch a few laps as cars make that hard right in turn 1, you can spend some time watching cars scream thru the esses, take the camera over to turn 6 and get some awesome shots as they slow down for that hard right-hander, the opportunities are endless.  Feel free to cruise around the entire facility!  Awesome.

4)      The Racing.  Whatever your pleasure – Road Atlanta delivers.  Whether it’s NASA, SCCA, Grand Am, Drifting, The Mitty, Bikes, or Petit Le Mans – the racing is fabulous.  With the high speeds, the turns and twists, and the elevation changes you can be sure that the competition is always fierce.  Nothing like watching a couple of LMP cars zoom down into turn 10A side by side in the cover of darkness.  The racing at Road Atlanta gets better every year – and with the inaugural season of the new United Sports Car Racing Series next year we can only expect even better racing here in the Georgia mountains.

5)      The History.  Since 1970 Road Atlanta has been making history.  From Can Am, IMSA, Camel GT, Formula 500, NASCAR Busch series, and of course Petit Le Mans – just about everything that could happen HAS happened!  It’s hard to name a famous driver who has not driven or competed here at Road Atlanta – all the way from back in the day with drivers like Mark Donahue and Paul Newman to the modern day of Patrick Dempsey, Patrick Long, Johnny O’Connell, and Dale Earnhardt.  The history of this place is fascinating!

So.  No doubt that I love Road Atlanta.  We just had Grand Am and then The Mitty – two awesome events!  Get your tickets now to the next event and start your own list as to why YOU love Road Atlanta!

Dennis Lynn