Drift Atlanta May 9-10

Drift Atlanta returns to Road Atlanta May 9-10. Your senses will be in overdrive as speed and car control meld into a dramatic competition that tests driver and car to the absolute limit. With equally exciting off track entertainment and displays, Drift Atlanta has become the epicenter of car culture in Georgia.

formula-driftThe Formula Drift® competition at Road Atlanta will be conducted in the Turn 10 complex, a right left-right-hand combination that will require the drifting competitors to quickly change direction while in full drift mode. A panel of professional drifting drivers will determine the bracket winners.

Visit  www.formulad.com for more information about the Formula Drift series.

Global Time Attack May 9-10  

The Global Time Attack (GTA) Pro Championship East kicks off their 2014 season at Drift Atlanta May 9-10. GTA represents the ultimate expression of automotive technology, testing the drivers, teams and cars to their limits with the singular goal of setting record lap times. The emphasis on timed laps allows teams to focus solely on achieving the fastest lap times at challenging circuits like Road Atlanta. Teams showcase their fabrication, tuning and set-up skills in order to create the fastest car possible. GTA car classes include Unlimited, Limited, Street, and Enthusiast. Classes are determined by the amount of allowable modifications and separated by drive train configuration (All Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, and Front Wheel Drive).

Trans Am  

Trans Am returns to Road Atlanta, in a continuation of its southern tour, for the 20th time at the Georgia track where the likes of Peter Gregg, Dorsey Schroeder, Tommy Kendall and many others have made their mark. Trans Am will join the Formula Drift Series in a showcase of modern motorsport. The Trans Am race takes a 100-mile sprint format, where pit stops are optional and usually avoided. It’s a high-stakes, high-intensity format that brings out the best in drivers, as they participate in a racing environment that only exists in Trans Am.

NOTE: Due to Hall county ordinance, no alcoholic beverages may be brought into the facility.  All vehicles subject to search. 

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Drift Fast Facts

  • In Japan, the art of Drifting has been popular among the street racers or "hashiriya" for more than 15 years, and has morphed into one of the country's number one attended motorsports in less than a decade, where professional Japanese Drifters are the equivalent of national celebrities.
  • The FORMULA DRIFT Championship consists of a scheduled number of two-day meets or Championship “Rounds” in which drivers compete in a single elimination bracket of “head-to-head” match-ups.
  • Judging is done via a 3 personal judging panel. There are two parts to each competition. First is the single car qualifying runs. Then it is the two car head-to-head battles.

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Formula DRIFT Road Atlanta Tease Video
Formula DRIFT Road Atlanta Tease Video
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Formula DRIFT Road Atlanta Teaser 2012
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